Bridging the gap between math and science: does the use of simple math instruction tools produce growth in the physical science classroom?

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Letters & Science


It was observed that students struggle with making connections between math and science, especially in a physical science class. Research shows that this is not a behavioral issue, but a cognitive one. This is very problematic because it has been shown that making cross curricular connections is the foundation to critical thinking, and critical thinking is a highly desired skill in any field of study or career. As a potential solution to this problem, three treatments were administered to two different advanced physical science classes with two different trials. The treatments included math warm-ups at the start of a lesson, scaffolded guided practice problems at the conclusion of a lesson, and the use of graphic organizers when new formulas were introduced. Most students claimed the treatments were helpful, and there was growth in students' assessment scores.




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