Heifer International Alternative Break: Sustainable Dietary Impacts


This study examines Heifer International's alternative break and its impact on dietary and sustainable food system change for participants. The program teaches college participants about ending poverty and hunger while caring for the earth through incorporating sustainable practices into daily life. Although increases in local/organic foods were observed, there were no significant changes in dietary quality. Significant increases in local/organic food consumption for individuals who consumed less than 50% of their calories from sustainable foods at baseline were observed, based upon paired t-tests (P < .05). Dietary changes varied in significance based upon previous sustainable food consumption exposure and habits.




Byker, C., Clark, S., Enoch, R.J., Montgomery, T., & Serrano, E. (2012). Heifer International Alternative Break: Sustainable Dietary Impacts. Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition. 7(2), 122-136.
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