A high gain hybrid DC-DC boost-forward converter for solar panel applications

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Engineering


As the demand for more efficient alternative energies increases, the demand to make the power electronics that go along with those energies increases as well. One of the major power components for photovoltaics is the DC-DC converter required to increase the voltage produced. A hybrid DC-DC boost-forward topology was explored. A switch on the secondary side can be turned off and the converter will take the characteristics of a boost converter. These predictions were confirmed by simulating this cirucit in MatLab Simulink, and finally by building a prototype circuit. A desired output of 170V - 100W was produced and the efficiency was measured. The boost-forward converter peaked at about 85% efficient which was below the 94% efficient boost converter. The boost-forward converter, however, was found to have a higher efficiency than the boost converter when the input voltage was below 34V . The circuit is designed to work as a boost converter when the input voltage is above 34V . When the input drops below that voltage the converter can be put into the boost-forward converter configuration by closing the switch on the secondary side.




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