Perceived management competency needs of practicing school administrators in Montana

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Education, Health & Human Development


The purpose of this study was to gather data on current perceptions of selected administrators from Montana on the need to have certain management competencies included in Montana State University's graduate program course curriculum for training prospective school administrators. A sample of school administrators from Montana was sent a needs assessment instrument. The instrument sought to collect data concerning the perceived need for school administrators to be exposed to management competencies. The data that were found to be significant were compared to current course outlines from upper division management and school administration courses. This enabled the researcher to identify areas that needed to be included in the graduate program in school administration at Montana State University. The data provided information on the degree of need for each competency. It was determined that most of the management competencies had a medium to high need to be included in a graduate school administration program. Administrators expressed a high need to be exposed to the following competencies: (1) clarifying communication, (2) goal planning, and (3) organizational coordination. These competencies were not addressed in the School Administration Program strongly enough to develop management skills. The competencies were, however, addressed strongly in certain upper division business management courses. It was recommended as a result of this study that certain business management courses be required to fulfill a portion of the minor requirements in both the master's and doctoral programs in school administration. This effort to coordinate programs in order to meet the perceived needs of practicing administrators will greatly help to develop better managers/leaders in education.




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