Again and again

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


Our meaningful interactions within the realm of the Other define and develop who we are as social and cultural individuals. This body of work represents an exploration into the structure of social connectedness versus belonging. There are two aspects to the body of work; one employs more traditional printmaking techniques, the other engages the viewer through interactive performance based printmaking. The more traditional work holds on to its institution solely in terms of its technique. These works leave behind the edition in favor of the multiple and module which are used as conceptual symbols to reference repetition, open reinterpretation of action and memory, and the relationship between Self and the Other. For the interactive work, I ask that the viewer assist me in the creation of large scale works, printed directly on the wall. Using stamps, the viewer will add on to existing works printed directly on to the gallery walls. In the end, compositional choices and densities of the work will act as a visual representation of our communal engagement with one another. Through our meaningful interactions as a social group we hold great creative potential. Potential that is much larger than each of us as individuals.




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