The effect of the conceptual change model on misconceptions in 9th grade physics

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Letters & Science


Overcoming students' misconceptions is a real problem for science teachers. Much of what we understand about the world comes from personal experience and if that experience led to an incorrect conception, then that incorrect conception can be very hard to overcome. This study aims to help determine if using the Conceptual Change Model can help students overcome misconceptions better than a traditional teaching approach. Two units were compared. One was taught using the conceptual change model and one using the traditional model of teaching. Students were given a pre- and post-test of conceptions for each unit, a pre- and post-survey of attitudes and pre- and post-interviews were conducted. Results indicated a small difference between the improvement of scores for the two unit. The unit taught with the Conceptual Change Model resulted in a slightly larger increase in scores than the unit taught using traditional methods.




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