Is music an effective intervention for improving sleep quality among adult postoperative open-heart patients: a feasibility project

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Nursing


Sleep deprivation is a common disorder known to impair the immune system and healing. Noise, pain, anxiety, and illness in general contribute to sleep deprivation. Patients admitted to the hospital setting are at heightened risk for complications related to decreased quality of sleep. Pharmacological interventions such as opioids and sleep aids are frequently administered to combat this issue. Integrative therapies are often overlooked as a way to increase quality sleep while hospitalized. One of the safest and easiest alternative interventions to employ is music. The purpose of this pilot feasibility project was to determine whether implementing music at the bedside during hours of sleep in the acute coronary-care setting addressed quality of sleep for postoperative open-heart patients. While statistical significance was not met in this project, promising results were found.




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