A study of the knowledge possessed by Montana's distributive education teacher-coordinators in the area of the systems approach to learning

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Professional Schools


With heavy emphasis being placed upon the development and implementation of an educational systems approach in distributive education curricula and with the construction of a new state distributive education curriculum in Montana serving as a background, it is the purpose of this study to see how well acquainted Montana's distributive educators are with the systems concept. A systems approach in distributive education curricula involves the systematic integration of all interrelated curriculum components into a unified, coordinated process in order to more efficiently accomplish a set of specific learning goals. This study is interested in finding out how much D. E. personnel in the state know about the systems concept in distributive education curriculum. By determining the level of understanding in this group of teachers positive steps can be taken to provide these people with systems' information. It is vital that Montana's distributive education teachers have an appreciation for and an understanding of learning systems and training in systems management whether they plan to write the new 1974-75 state curriculum, to implement this curriculum in their classrooms, or to simply keep updated in their field.




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