Evaluation of Spring Wheat Variety Performance in Trials Near Moccasin, Denton, Fort Benton, and Winifred (2001)

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Central Agricultural Research Center


This report evaluates the performance of spring wheat varieties in environments and cropping methods representative of the southern triangle and central Montana. Yields ranged from 6.1 to 36.5 bu/a with the highest yields at the Moccasin sites. Low moisture at the Fort Benton site contributed to lower than average yields. Reeder was one of the top yielding varieties averaging 28.6 bu/a across the five locations, however differences in yield among the varieties were significant only in the Winifred and Moccasin recrop nurseries. Low precipitation levels resulted in lower than average yields at all locations tested. This was most evident at the Fort Benton site where yields were approximately one third that of the long term averages. Yields at the Winifred site were also significantly less than long term averages for that area.



Agronomy, Plant sciences


Lanning, S.P., Philips, D., Sharp, G.L., Talbert, L.E., Vavrovsky, J., Wargo, J., Wichman, D.M. 2001. Evaluation of spring wheat variety performance in trials near Moccasin, Denton, Fort Benton, and Winifred. Moccasin, Mt.: Central Agricultural Research Center.
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