Ashaammaliaxxia', the Apsalooke Clan System : a foundation for learning

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Education, Health & Human Development


This thesis is a study about Ashaammaliaxxia, the Apsaalooke clan system and how it serves as the foundation of learning among the Crow. Though the cultural activities take place in the informal setting of daily living, they represent the formal learning process for the Apsaalooke. The information about the function and structure of the Crow clan system is extremely thorough. The author also provides some background of the Crow culture in order to present other interrelated customs, practices, and religions because they are integrated with the clan system. Some of the conclusions are: the clan system and ceremonial preparations are important to the Crow learning process, the Crow view kinship and relationships as wealth, and the meaning of being an Apsaalooke is based on natural phenomena in the cosmos.




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