An evidence based policy recommendation addressing body art among nursing personnel

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Nursing


Body art in the form of tattoos and piercings is becoming more prevalent as a form of self-expression. Body art is found among members of all socio-economic groups and across a variety of professions. With this increased prevalence many organizations are developing policies to address body art among employees. The intent of this project is to look specifically at policy development in regard to body art among nursing personnel. A thorough review of literature was carried out, exploring body art from multiple perspectives. In addition to examining body art, careful consideration was made for the aspects of nursing potentially impacted by body art. Beyond the review of literature this investigation was expanded to include communication with an expert in body art research. Contact was also made with organizations of varying sizes to establish what policy statements currently exist regarding body art among nursing personnel. During these contacts rationale and references serving as a basis for these policies were also investigated. The desired outcome of the analysis was to identify evidence to support a body art policy among nursing personnel that provided for the well-being and safety of the patients while allowing the nursing staff as much personal freedom as possible. The results of the investigation revealed a lack of evidence identifying the prevalence of body art among nurses, or the impact of body art among nursing personnel on patient outcomes.




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