Cultural Healing

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


"Since the stone age man has searched for a comfortable house in a safe place." Alfred Caldwell A residence should be a place where one feels safe, and should want to go at the end of the day. People living in low-income situations have a more difficult time than most at achieving peace of mind in a home due to a constant concern of bills and the stresses of an unstable socio-cultural environment. Low income housing projects frequently create high crime, violence, and a feeling of social, cultural and economic entrapment. This project searches for a solution to these problems through the use of pragmatism. The project will combine a mix of rent supplemented and market rate housing. This approach can create a safe socio-cultural environment. The project will be a place where underprivileged people can live without the inherent qualities of isolation and neglect.




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