Using models with rubrics as a form of assessment in astronomy and biology

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Montana State University - Bozeman, Graduate School


This study explored the use of scientific models as a form of better understanding the processes and sequence of science ideas. The study was conducted in an Alternative Education High School in Albany, Oregon. The specific classes this unit was taught in were Biology and Astronomy. Each class was given a different set of standards to follow, models were continually drawn to aid in the understanding of a star's life cycle as well as the cell cycle. Students who participated in this study were given a Likert-scale survey as well as pre and post tests to monitor knowledge. The Likert-scale questions probed student motivation, science interest, and the use of models and rubrics. The pre and post tests for each class were centered on standards focused on for the term. The findings of this study were that the use of science models and rubrics increased student motivation and learning. Analysis of surveys and tests showed the use of visuals is important when students learned new concepts, especially those that tend to deal with cycles and the need to understand multiple steps or parts of a standard.




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