Bozeman Eats: A Documentary Film Surveying Food in the Gallatin Valley

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The Gallatin Valley has all the necessary resources at its disposal to make major strides towards a more sustainable future of producing and consuming food. There is a great deal of enthusiasm in and around Bozeman regarding local food, yet there is a frustrating disparity between the capacity to produce local food, and the reality of its consumption. By profiling a handful of farms in the region and creating a multi-faceted portrait of local food, my partner, Dylan Strike, and I are capturing the unique story of food and people in Gallatin Valley. Our film, Bozeman Eats, explores not only what it takes to get food from the farm to the table, but also the notion that from inception, local food has the possibility to proliferate through our community in a variety of manners, reach a variety of culinary audiences - even those previously strangers to “organic” food - and to meet again as a shared foundation for the growth of beneficial relationships within our society. Our documentary will be shared with the entire community to promote enthusiasm for local eating, and to improve awareness of how accessible a future of sustainable and healthy local food really is.


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