Towne's Harvest Garden and Community Supported Agriculture Program, First Annual Report 2007

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MSU Friends of Local Foods


TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary...6 About Towne’s Harvest...8 Mission, Vision and Values...9 The Value of Towne’s Harvest Garden...10 Industry Analysis...11 Partner...12 2007 Plan of Operations and Organizational Structure...13 2007 Expenditures and Income...14 Towne’s Harvest Garden Layout...14 2007 Crop List...15 The Harvest...16 Crop Notes...17 Estimated Yields...18 Labor...19 Distribution...20 CSA Member Feedback...22 Integration into MSU Coursework...23 Community Outreach, Events, and Tours...25 Lessons Learned from the First Season...27 2008 Plan of Operation and Organizational Structure...29 2008 Predicted Expenditures and Income...30 Towne’s Harvest Proposed Annual Timeline...31 External Funding for Towne’s Harvest Garden...33 Recruiting Student Interest in Friends of Local Foods and Towne’s Harvest Garden...34 Goals for Future Seasons...37 APPENDIX Friends of Local Foods Brochure | Towne’s Harvest Garden CSA Program Brochure | 2007 Newsletter Samples | 2007 Budget | 2007 Seed Order with Planting Dates | Garden Layout with Plantings | Complete Crop List | 2008 Budget | MSU Friends of Local Foods Recruitment PowerPoint


The Towne's Harvest Garden is a project of the MSU Friends of Local Foods Student Organization. Friends of Local Foods was formed in the fall of 2006 to bring a diverse group of students and faculty together to raise awareness about local foods and encourage sustainable lifestyles on campus and in the community. Towne's Harvest Garden is a 3-acre diversified vegetable plot located at the MSU Horticulture Farm. The name of the garden connects the history of the land to the present. Towne is the surname of one of five farmers who formerly owned land which was eventually deeded to MSU. The land where the Horticulture Farm and the Towne's Harvest Garden is located has been nicknamed Towne's farm for several decades.


Sustainability, Agronomy, Nutrition


Harmon A.H., M. Larsen. et al. (2008) Towne�۪s Harvest Garden and Community Supported Agriculture Program, First Annual Report 2007. MSU Friends of Local Foods. Montana State University, Bozeman MT. 38 pages.
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