Nuclear radiation awareness for residents of Cascade County-Montana

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Nursing


The potential of a radiation mishap is real and lack of public awareness only potentiates the devastating outcomes on the citizens in the effected area should one occur. Low-level exposures of radiation may result in cancer and leukemia. A radiation mishap can occur at a missile site, a research or medical facility using radioactive material, a fixed nuclear facility, during nuclear detonation, and during transport of nuclear material. Guidance and education for limiting personal radiation exposure and how to combat radiation hazards would effectively reduce the number of individuals exposed if such a disaster were to occur. The intent of this project was to create an educational tool that would guide the residents of Cascade County in radiation awareness and ways to minimize radiation exposure to themselves and their families should a mishap occur. The outcome was the creation of a brochure for Cascade County's Disaster and Emergency Services department to use as an educational tool for the residents of Cascade County for radiation disaster preparedness. The brochure provides an organized, reader friendly outline of prevention of radiation exposure.




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