Nurse willingness to implement iPad-based education in the care of heart-failure patients

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Phillips, Margaret Lynn

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Nursing


The aim of this Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) scholarly project was to investigate nurse willingness to accept the use of technology for implementation of standardized heart-failure self-care education in an acute-care setting. Integrating iPads into the usual acute-care workflow presents challenges for nurses. A pre-implementation and post-implementation questionnaire, based on the Davis model (1989) of perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use of technology, were created to evaluate nurse willingness to adopt the technology. Both questionnaires include a section for comments. Nurse participants attended a competency skills day prior to implementation of iPad-based patient education. Participants completed the pre- questionnaire, reviewed a demonstration of iPad use, viewed an Agency for Healthcare Research teach-back video, and completed a nurse competency checklist. The checklist included a nurse demonstration of the use of the iPad-based education and verbal acknowledgement of how to use the teach-back method. The post- questionnaire was completed six months after implementation of the iPad-based patient education. Data from the pre- and post- questionnaires were evaluated and the nurse-written comments reviewed for the final analysis. Overall, nurses had high levels of perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use with implementation of iPads for heart-failure self-care education, and the iPads will continue to be utilized in the acute-care setting.




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