Modeling Transport Regulation in Gene Regulatory Networks

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A gene regulatory network summarizes the interactions between a set of genes and regulatory gene products. These interactions include transcriptional regulation, protein activity regulation, and regulation of the transport of proteins between cellular compartments. DSGRN is a network modeling approach that builds on traditions of discrete-time Boolean models and continuous-time switching system models. When all interactions are transcriptional, DSGRN uses a combinatorial approximation to describe the entire range of dynamics that is compatible with network structure. Here we present an extension of the DGSRN approach to transport regulation across a boundary between compartments, such as a cellular membrane. We illustrate our approach by searching a model of the p53-Mdm2 network for the potential to admit two experimentally observed distinct stable periodic cycles.


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Gene regulatory networks, cellular transport, oscillations


Fox, E., Cummins, B., Duncan, W., & Gedeon, T. (2022). Modeling Transport Regulation in Gene Regulatory Networks. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 84(8), 1-42.
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