The effect of place-based experiences on science identity, attitude, and achievement in a remote learning advanced placement environmental science classroom

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Letters & Science


Students in science courses are routinely consumers of science and are less often producers of scientific work. In this action research project, Advanced Placement Environmental Science students engaged in place-based lessons remotely while asynchronously developing authentic research projects that impacted their local ecosystems. This work was delivered to stakeholders within the community. Scientific questioning, graphing, and explanations, as well as surveys and interviews were used as data collection instruments throughout remote learning. The results suggested that place-based learning experiences helped students increase their skills in scientific questioning and explanations, their science identity, and their attitudes towards science. Students' sense of place was minimally changed. Results indicate the need for place-based and hands-on learning to increase students' attitude, aptitude, and identity, especially during stressful pandemic remote learning situations.




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