The effects of homework grades on the outcome of student assessment scores in high school physical science

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Letters & Science


Science education faces many challenges in engaging students based on many internal and external factors: academic ability, grit, and social-economical. Students want instant feedback; they want the fastest way to learn the material, and some do not find value in education. This study investigated the impact of grading homework and classwork and its effect on the overall understanding of the material. This study also investigated the impact of graded homework on the students' attitudes on science, work, and grit the student might have. Through multiple forms of formative and summative assessments, surveys, and interviews, students found that they learned and retained the most information using paper and pencil, and when work was graded for credit. Results showed that students need both an internal and external reward to want to learn. This action research project demonstrated that grading students' homework and classwork with positive feedback resulted in the highest scores on assessments causing a positive attitude in physical science.




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