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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


I am an explorer. I work in a personal and private way, which enhances my own journey of exploration and discovery. My site-interactive ceramic sculptures intensify the bond of energy that exists between myself and nature, revitalizing me and reaffirming that which I know to be true or of value. I deliberately create startling or unsettling conditions that are intended to provide a glimpse into unexplored inner realms, challenging myself and viewers to engage in exploration. My work is not a finished product, but a continuing process. The process begins with my exploration of the surrounding mountains, with my search for sites with which I feel an inner connection. This exploration inspires the construction of site-interactive sculptures which I call Spirit Vessels: ceramic sculptures which function as containers for my spirit and as focal points for my thoughts and energy. I choose shapes, colors, textures and a scale which unify the vessels with their sites. I return often to the sites, frequently bringing back rocks to guide me in the treatment of each work’s surface. At times, I texture my work with these rocks by pounding or pressing them into the wet clay.




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