Computer Education in Sanambele, Mali

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The village of Sanambele, Mali currently possesses a laptop but the villagers do not know how to operate a computer. Those in Sanambele have requested help with learning how to use their computer. I developed a basic user manual for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint which are three programs that I believe the teachers, students and other villagers will find the most useful. An English and translated French version of the manuals will be taken to the village and left with the community for further reference. The manuals are also going to be used by the members of the Altas Cultural Foundation (ACF) in Zawiya Ahansal, Morocco. I am traveling to Morocco in March to conduct computer education workshops for the ACF members. A copy of the manuals will be left with them for additional guidance. Providing manuals for both the communities in Mali and in Morocco will prevent the members of the community from losing the knowledge they will have received. I hope I will have offered these people a lasting method of improving their education.


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