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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


I want everyone to see this work as I do, so I felt the need to create a new word that best describes my work. This new word is Haptiacle, which is formed by combining two words Haptic and Spectacle. Haptiacle: A hands on event or performance, designed for viewer transformation that is visually striking that can be experienced, especially something of a remarkable or impressive nature accessible to all. This body of work is installed to create the environment as a Haptiacle. First, the work demonstrates the spectacle due to the unusual transformation of the sterile gallery, combined with the entertaining public display of the work. Secondly it is also a haptic because of the hands on connection with work; in this case the ceramic bowling balls. This Haptiacle is the first of its kind, never performed before until now. This is the new Americana approach of ceramics, art, and the exhibition space. After the installation of this show I have relinquished the control to the viewers for a full Haptiacle experience with the complete elimination of the confinement of the gallery walls. This show exist everywhere that you have Internet and fully accessible to all around the world to provide an abundance of memories, and to provoke the imagination. Plus raise awareness of ritual involving the handling, breaking and performance aspect of ceramic objects.




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