Improving Client Turnout at WIC through Text Communication

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The goal of the research conducted at Bozeman WIC was to increase the participation of currently enrolled participants by tracking failure to attend rates in the outlying WIC clinics of Belgrade and Livingston by researching and implementing an appointment reminder system. Prior to research, an email reminder system was partially in effect and a mail reminder system implemented. Appointments were tracked and recorded to obtain monthly initial failure to attend percentages for each clinic. The average initial failure to attend percentage for a five month period for the Livingston clinic was 24.48%, for Belgrade the initial average was 18.98%. Surveys were administered to clients at each clinic to determine which reminder system would be best received. In both clinics, the percent of clients that would prefer text communication was the highest, with Livingston at 58% favor and Belgrade at 41%. Text message reminder systems are currently being researched to determine which would be the most cohesive with the WIC system. Due to incomplete data, a text communication reminder system has yet to be implemented. In addition to the reminder system, the surveys also determined that clients would be interested in the implementation of a home based distance learning program with Belgrade having 71% in favor and Livingston having 62%. At this time, all research is ongoing.


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