Genome sequence, phylogenetic analysis, and structure-based annotation reveal metabolic potential of Chlorella sp. SLA-04


Algae are a broad class of photosynthetic eukaryotes that are phylogenetically and physiologically diverse. Most of the phylogenetic diversity has been inferred from 18S rDNA sequencing since there are only a few complete genomes available in public databases. Here we use ultra-long-read Nanopore sequencing to determine a gapless, telomere-to-telomere complete genome sequence of Chlorella sp. SLA-04, previously described as Chlorella sorokiniana SLA-04. Chlorella sp. SLA-04 is a green alga that grows to high cell density in a wide variety of environments – high and neutral pH, high and low alkalinity, and high and low salinity. SLA-04's ability to grow in high pH and high alkalinity media without external CO2 supply is favorable for large-scale algal biomass production. Phylogenetic analysis performed using ribosomal DNA and conserved protein sequences consistently reveal that Chlorella sp. SLA-04 forms a distinct lineage from other strains of Chlorella sorokiniana. We complement traditional genome annotation methods with high throughput structural predictions and demonstrate that this approach expands functional prediction of the SLA-04 proteome. Genomic analysis of the SLA-04 genome identifies the genes capable of utilizing TCA cycle intermediates to replenish cytosolic acetyl-CoA pools for lipid production. We also identify a complete metabolic pathway for sphingolipid anabolism that may allow SLA-04 to readily adapt to changing environmental conditions and facilitate robust cultivation in mass production systems. Collectively, this work clarifies the phylogeny of Chlorella sp. SLA-04 within Trebouxiophyceae and demonstrates how structural predictions can be used to improve annotation beyond sequence-based methods.


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genome sequence, phylogenetic analysis, metabolic potential, algae


Goemann, Calvin LC, Royce Wilkinson, William Henriques, Huyen Bui, Hannah M. Goemann, Ross P. Carlson, Sridhar Viamajala, Robin Gerlach, and Blake Wiedenheft. "Genome sequence, phylogenetic analysis, and structure-based annotation reveal metabolic potential of Chlorella sp. SLA-04." Algal Research 69 (2023): 102943.
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