The 5E model of learning in a chemistry classroom

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Letters & Science


The 5E model of learning includes five stages: engage, explore, explain, evaluate, and elaborate. The focus of my action research was to study the effect of the 5E model of learning on student learning and retention in chemistry. The study also investigated its effect on students' attitudes towards science and inquiry. During the duration of the study, two chemistry units were taught to two high school chemistry classes consisting of a total of 35 students. One class was taught one unit with the 5E model while the other class was taught using traditional methods, and then the classes were swapped for the next unit. Average test scores among treatment and non-treatment groups were not very different. However, lower-level students largely benefitted from following the 5E model. Students' attitudes towards science and inquiry improved after treatment. I'm looking forward to further incorporating the 5E model in a chemistry classroom throughout the school year.



5E learning cycle


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