A survey of graduates of Manhattan Christian School to determine the relevancy of its business education curriculum

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Business


The purpose of this study was to determine the relevance of the business education curriculum at Manhattan Christian School to the needs of its graduates. The population sample included the 96 graduates of Manhattan Christian School from 1984 through 1988. The method of data collection was a survey. A cover letter and survey were sent to each of the graduates asking them about their employment. education, and opinions concerning the business education program. The data obtained was analyzed by comparing the answers of the different graduating classes and business respondents as compared to all respondents. Total answers and percentages were used in the analysis. Fourteen tables were used to graphically illustrate the results. Based on the results the following conclusions were made: (1) business courses are useful, (2) graduates received adequate education for business occupations, advanced education in business, and personal business needs, (3) the curriculum would be improved by adding elementary keyboarding, economics, ganeral business, and an additional computer course. (4) equipment used was adequate but IBM or IBM compatible computers would be better, and (5) the business department needs to be concerned about some relatively low ratings. Recommendations made in this study were as follows: (1) all students should take Elementary Keyboarding, Keyboarding/Word Processing, General Business, and Economics, (2) Accounting I and II, Microcomputer Applications, Office Practice, and Typing II and III should be offered as electives, (3) the school should purchase IBM or IBM compatible computers, (4) students should be advised of opportunities in business and the advantages of taking business courses, and (5) the business department should monitor the quality of education it is providing.




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