An evaluation of the 'Introduction to careers' course at Missoula County High School

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Professional Schools


This study was an attempt to evaluate the "Introduction to Careers" course at Missoula County High Schools regarding: 1. Is there a need for career development information for Missoula County High School freshmen? 2. Were the course objectives accomplished by the students? "Introduction to Careers" at Missoula County High Schools is a required freshmen level semester course. It was implemented during the school year 1972-73 on a pilot basis. With a new concept like "career education" and any new course offering like "Introduction to Careers," a need exists to objectively evaluate the objectives, the development, the implementation, and the success of the program. The writer felt one of the most important evaluations of a new course is the value of the activities felt by the students and the measurement of change in behavior of students, as related to the objectives of the course. The students must see the relevancy of the course objectives and activities for career education to succeed.




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