Investigating the Potential Anticonvulsant Effects of Taxol Through Microtubule Stabilization in C. elegans Model of Epilepsy

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Montana State Univeristy Billings


Recent discoveries have unveiled a mutation in the CAMSAP gene as a causative factor in a distinct form of epilepsy. CAMSAP's pivotal role in microtubule stabilization and cellular signaling underscores its significance in neuronal function. This experiment poses to answer the question: Does the stabilization of microtubules stop the progression of convulsions for a specific type of epilepsy? Microtubules orchestrate the spatial organization within cells, essential for cellular integrity and function. Perturbations in microtubule dynamics, marked by instability and subsequent shrinkage due to GTP hydrolysis, can precipitate cellular dysfunction. To address this, we propose the application of Taxol, a renowned microtubule-stabilizing agent, in a C. elegans model. Leveraging the simplicity of C. elegans' nervous system, we aim to elucidate Taxol's potential in mitigating seizures induced by a specified solution. Through systematic observation at five and ten-minute intervals, we anticipate Taxol's intervention to stabilize microtubules and ameliorate convulsions. This research offers a promising avenue for understanding the molecular underpinnings of epilepsy and exploring therapeutic interventions targeting microtubule dynamics.


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