Implementing a block secretarial program at Flathead Valley Community College

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of School of Business


The purpose of this study was to determine and propose (1) the cost of implementing a block secretarial program at Flathead Valley Community College, (2) the equipment and materials needed, (3) the personnel needed and their qualifications, (4) the facility and space required, and (5) the methods of teaching used in block secretarial programs. Populations included thirty-four community, junior, and technical colleges in the states of Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado. A questionnaire was used to survey the block secretarial programs. Only those schools having block-time secretarial programs were included in the study. The data was analyzed by the number responding to the individual question and placing this on a percentage basis. Since every institution did not answer each question, the percentage was determined by the total number who did answer the particular question analyzed. From these percentages the investigator compared the responses to the literature reviewed. The conclusions of the study were: (1) the community college provides a good setting for a block secretarial program, (2) at least one additional person was added to the staff upon the implementation of a block program; their qualifications depend on the position for which they were hired: instructor, paraprofessional, or lab assistant, (3) in most classes there was no need to add additional square footage to the existing classroom space, (4) an inservice training program was offered to the block instructors before or during implementation of the program, (5) individualized instruction, in-basket exercises, work-study programs, cooperative programs, and model office simulations were a part of the block program, (6) office equipment, multimedia equipment and materials were used extensively in block programs, (7) at least a two-hour block of time was used for the block program, and (8) funding for the block program was provided from the local, state and federal level. The recommendations of the study were: (1) Flathead Valley Community College would provide a good setting for a block secretarial program, (2) at least one additional person should be added to the present staff, (3) the staff in the secretarial department should attend a workshop or inservice training program before implementing the program, (4) additional office equipment, multimedia equipment and supplies should be purchased or developed by the teachers, (5) instruction materials should be purchased or prepared by the teachers, (6) scheduling should be arranged to provide for at least a two-hour block of time for the secretarial program, and (7) administration and staff should investigate funds and their availability at all levels for implementing a block secretarial program.




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