Reasons for increased suspensions and probations in the department of business education and office systems

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Business


The purpose of this study was to investigate possible reasons for increased student suspensions from the Department of Business Education and Office Systems in the College of Business at Montana State University. The sources of data for this study were obtained from student records on file at the College of Business, Montana State University. Additional student record data and information was obtained from the Montana State University Office of Admissions and from Montana State University Testing Services. When all information had been gathered, the findings were compiled and analyzed. The results were then set up in tables for clarity. A written description and an analysis of the data supplement the tables. The conclusions were (1) the Department of Business Education and Office System's main concern over suspensions should be with the Administrative Assistant Program as evidenced by the large-majority (67 percent), of suspended students in that program, (2) below average stanine scores (less than 4) should immediately be an indicator that a student may have problems, (3) the university calculated high school grade point average for the students and the student's rank in high school class are strong indicators of future performance, (4) of the total number of suspended students, over half, 51 percent, were on probation from 2 to 3 quarters, (5) students enrolled in the Department, knowing they must meet minimum requirements in a pre-requisite type program as freshmen and sophomores in order to advance into the main program as juniors and seniors, will be less likely to encounter academic problems, and (6) the accounting course, BUAC 224, Principles of Accounting, remains the single largest stumbling block for students enrolled in the Department of Business Education and Office Systems. Some of the recommendations were (1) review any unique environmental and institutional factors so as to enhance capabilities for retaining students who may encounter academic problems, (2) prediction profiles should be developed and tested for freshmen as soon as a working profile is completed, and (3) since an overwhelming majority of the suspended students were enrolled in the Administrative Assistant program, a preparation program unique to students enrolled in this area should be instituted.




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