Towards the poetics of the immediate experince

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


The title of this thesis is 'Towards the Poetics of the Immediate Experience' because that should be the quest in attempting to embrace a process-relational worldview. In an attempting to create things we should embrace poetry because it begins to tap into our basic transcendental and mysterious way of experiencing the world. Our immediate and poetic experiences of the world are not only the beginnings of knowledge and reason, but by embracing poetry, we are also embracing a metaphysical and spiritual quality to the work. This pure way, which allows us to both create, experience, and know the world poetically is crucial to understanding a reality that is determined in each moment of 'becoming' and 'perishing' by what is in essence 'feelings'. By 'feeling' nature in its constant and flowing state of 'becoming' and 'perishing' we can begin to understand the 'true' nature of reality. The worldview that supports the universe as constantly in a state of 'becoming' and 'perishing', and interconnected is from process-relational thought. Acknowledging everything as determined by 'feelings', or what we as humans perceive as emotions, which are the true components of our poetic knowledge and found in our basic intuition, leads us to desire an architecture that is truly poetic and spiritual by evoking emotions from the dynamic changes found in nature.




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