A evaluation of activity sheets created to enhance science learning during the self-guided tour at the Tennessee Aquarium

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Montana State University - Bozeman, Graduate School


This project evaluated activity sheets that I created for the Tennessee Aquarium based on Tennessee state science standards and the informal education model of free-choice learning. The research focused on one of the worksheets about habitats created for second through fourth grade students. Teachers from those grades who were scheduled to visit the Aquarium in the month of March were solicited to participate in the study. Two teachers agreed to participant in different capacities. Based on the lack of student enthusiasm and my evaluation of completed the activity sheets and student surveys, I determined that the activity sheet was not effective at fostering learning or interest. However, the activity sheets were effective when used by chaperones instead of individual students. Additional research should be conducted to specifically evaluate using chaperones to led activities during self-guided tours of the Tennessee Aquarium.




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