A congregate housing facility for the elderly

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


The focus of this project is a housing facility design for the elderly, who, because of illness, fear of living alone, or inability to take care of themselves, seek protection, in congregate living. Congregate living for the elderly means simply that a group of unrelated elderly people come together to live in the same place considered "home". Home means many things to many people but one requirement most everyone would agree upon is as Webester says, "relaxed and comfortable", you know you belong. It is not so strange to think of such a home as an institution whose primary concern is to provide shelter and, unfortunatly, a very static way of living. Therefore, congregate living encourages an environment where the older person, IS a person, with wants and needs that deserve respect and special attention; to combine social, physical and human activities according to each person; the home should stimulate and relieve bordom through useful activity. A consideration that should be emphasised is that the home make an effort to fit its accommodations to the individual rather than having the individual make adjustments to the rules and regulations of the home.


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