Taxonomic studies in the metallic wood-boring beetle family (Coleoptera - Buprestidae - Sphenoptera and Chalcophora)

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Agriculture


Taxonomic studies of groups of Sphenoptera Dejean and Chalcophora Solier are presented, resolving several long-standing problems. Species of Sphenoptera of interest for potential use as biocontrol agents for the noxious weed Chondrilla juncea are reevaluated taxonomically. Results of field surveys conducted to increase knowledge of the biology of these species are reported, with little indication of these species' potential for biological control. The Sphenoptera of the former U.S.S.R. are divided into 39 species-groups. Each species group is characterized on adult morphology, illustrations were provided, the member species listed, and distributions noted. Both a classic dichotomous key and an electronic LUCID key are provided for these species-groups to assist in identification. The species-groups Sphenoptera (Sphenoptera) exarata-group and S. (Deudora) rauca-group are revised, with 5 and 7 species respectively. Each included species is redescribed, diagnosed, illustrated, and distribution and taxonomic histories documented. Dichotomous and electronic keys are provided for the species of these species groups. The species Sphenoptera clarescens Kerremans and Sphenoptera egregia Jakovlev are synonymized with Sphenoptera signata Jakovlev and Sphenoptera lateralis Faldermann, respectively. The status of two North American names in Chalcophora Solier -- C. angulicollis (LeConte) and C. virginiensis (Drury)-- is resolved, with both now being recognized as valid. All North American (north of Mexico) Chalcophora are redescribed, diagnosed, keyed, and their nomenclature and distributions reviewed.




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