Capacity at All-Way Stop Control Intersections: Case Study

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This paper presents an empirical investigation into the capacity of all-way stop-controlled (AWSC) intersections. Video data was collected over four days at an AWSC intersection site in Bozeman, Montana. The site is characterized by single-lane approaches and high level of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Using strict protocols, video records were processed at the individual vehicle level and several information metrics were extracted for each vehicle in the data set on all approaches. Study results indicate that the total intersection capacity at the study site varied between 400 and 1,400 vehicles per hour. The study suggests that the wide range of capacity observations is largely associated with the pedestrian crossing activity at the study site. Statistical tests confirmed that both pedestrian crossing activity and the level of conflict have significant effects on intersection capacity at the 95% confidence level. For movement type, the right-turn movement was not found to have a significant effect on intersection capacity while left-turn movement was found to negatively affect the intersection capacity. The results presented in this paper offer valuable information on AWSC intersection capacity, given the limited amount of information in the literature and the dated nature of those empirical observations.


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operations, highway capacity and quality of service, capacity, Highway Capacity Manual (HCM), interrupted flow, intersections


Al-Kaisy, A., & Doruk, D. (2023). Capacity at All-Way Stop Control Intersections: Case Study. Transportation Research Record, 2677(8), 148-157.
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