National Chain Restaurant Practices Supporting Food Sustainability


Although sustainable food practices are becoming popular among consumers, there is little known about restaurants’ practices, such as sourcing local or organic products. The goal of this study was to examine published information about sustainable practices in chain restaurants in 2008 and 2011. Restaurant websites were inspected in 2008 and 2011–2012 for information supporting sustainable food practices. Sustainability ratings were categorized as no practice, planned practice, or practice. In 2008, there were few reported practices; however, in 2011 there was a proliferation. This research demonstrates the increasing popularity of sustainable food practices and the potential to reach a broader audience.




Pinard, Courtney A., Carmen Byker, Elena Serrano, and Alison H. Harmon. “National Chain Restaurant Practices Supporting Food Sustainability.” Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition 9, no. 4 (October 2, 2014): 535–545. doi:10.1080/19320248.2014.898169.
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