Trauma-Informed Practices in Rural Education

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The overall wellness and well-being of today’s youth are of concern owing to high levels of stress, as well as other mental and physical health issues. Academic success can be negatively impacted because of the interconnectivity of these issues, along with traumatic childhood experiences and high numbers of adverse childhood experiences. In rural areas, these issues can be even more pronounced owing to issues related to socioeconomic status and high rates of poverty. Therefore, it is important to explore interventions in the educational setting that could mitigate the negative impact of these challenges. This pilot study examined the relationship between a trauma-informed approach incorporating yoga/mindfulness and academic, social, and emotional behaviors among fourth graders in a rural academic setting. Student and teacher pre- and postintervention survey data indicate the intervention had academic, social, and emotional benefits.




Davis, L. ., & Buchanan, R. . (2020). Trauma-Informed Practices in Rural Education. Theory & Practice in Rural Education, 10(1), 24–41. doi: 10.3776/tpre.v10n1p24-41
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