Remote Worship

dc.contributor.advisorChairperson, Graduate Committee: Ralph Johnson; Chere LeClair (co-chair)en
dc.contributor.authorBurrows, William Frederick, Jr.en
dc.description.abstractI am a Christian. In my opinion, this is the most important way I can describe myself as a person. As a son, brother, friend, employee, and student my Faith undeniably affects every facet of my life. In an effort to make my last year as a student resonate on a personal level, I have combined my spiritual journey with my academic one. My intent was to characterize my Christian faith in order to introduce an architecture that embodies the duality of a personal connection to God and a community experience based on fellowship. My ten-week investigation of my beliefs, the Christian church, and architectural precedents has pointed me towards designing a remote worship destination in an effort to explore the intersection that occurs between the spiritual and earthly realms and between the individual and society. My hope is that this design will embody my concept of the Christian faith as a process, or journey, and the nature of that process causing a spiritual separation from society. My intention is to symbolically represent a journey, a point of rest and introspection, and to capture the nature of worship with an architecture and how that architecture responds to a site. My process thus far has been incredibly introspective and educational on so much more than an academic plane. My early research was fueled by cynicism and frustration with how I have seen the Christian faith and church represented in America today. However, diving deeper into the spirituality of Christian worship I have gained a beautiful perspective on our relationship with God and each other. I can only hope that my solution will reflect the spiritual growth I have experienced. If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans. Folk Proverben
dc.publisherMontana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architectureen
dc.rights.holderCopyright 2008 by William Frederick Burrows Jr.en
dc.subject.lcshChurch architectureen
dc.titleRemote Worshipen
thesis.catalog.ckey1327455en, Graduate Committee: Bruce Wrightsman; Steve Juroszek; John Brittinghamen Archen


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