New occurrence of Neurankylus sp. (Testudines: Paracryptodiria: Baenidae) in the Upper Cretaceous Frontier Formation of south western Montana (USA)

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An incomplete specimen assigned to the genus Neurankylus sp. was collected from Coniacian deposits of the Frontier Formation of Montana (USA). The material consists of anterior plastron, a costal plate and neural plate fragment, and several undetermined skeletal elements. The identification is based on the relatively large size of the specimens, scute elements joining along the mid-line of the plastron with the intergulars reaching the humerals, and complete fusion of the sutures. The specimen represents the first baenid turtle reported from non-marine Frontier Formation deposits and is particularly relevant for understanding stratigraphical and paleogeographical distribution of the Family Baenide. This will have important implications for phylogenetic studies and paleoenvironmental interpretation of non-marine Frontier Formation deposits of south-western Montana.




Panascí, Giulio, David J. Varricchio, and Ren Hirayama. “New Occurrence of Neurankylus Sp. (Testudines: Paracryptodiria: Baenidae) in the Upper Cretaceous Frontier Formation of South Western Montana (USA).” Cretaceous Research 108 (April 2020): 104318. doi:10.1016/j.cretres.2019.104318.
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