Statistical Consulting and Research Services: Past, Present, and Future

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Montana State Univeristy


Statistical Consulting and Research Services (SCRS) is a group of statisticians at Montana State University (MSU) whose mission is to collaborate with domain experts across campus to improve the scientific research conducted at MSU and within the Montana University System. Since its inception, SCRS has grown at a tremendous rate and our statisticians continue to work with student and faculty researchers from a variety of scientific domains across the Montana University System. We present an overview of the history regarding how SCRS came to be, the services we perform, and the diversity of researchers that we collaborate with. We discuss the technical tools we incorporate in our workflow process and the steps we perform from the initial meeting to the final product. We will also highlight our vision moving into the future including what opportunities we see to continue improving the scientific research across the Montana University System, specifically highlighting the additional services we hope to provide here at MSU.




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