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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


The interstate 70 corridor serves as a gateway to the mountainous region of Colorado for all of Denver's residents, the majority of travelers from the East, and most all visitors flying into the state. The corridor no longer functions efficiently as a connecting tie and the Eisenhower Johnson Memorial Tunnel acts as a centralized hub in the system and under adverse conditions both are susceptable collapse effectively crippling the entire network. As population increases, the number of drivers on the road will increase and inturn traffic congestion will continue to get worse. If the current trend continues the state of Colorado is positioned to loose billions of dollars in lost oppourtunity, not to mention the loss in percieved quality of living to the Denver residents. This project seeks to, through the anaylsis of the exising conditions and the plausible future, describe a solution to the problem.




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