The impact of three color practice quizzes and self progress monitoring portfolios on achievement and engagement of at risk biology students

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Montana State University - Bozeman, Graduate School


The addition of three-color practice quizzes aligned with learning objectives and student self-progress monitoring portfolios were examined for achievement and engagement of at-risk high school ninth/tenth grade biology students. Students assessed their own learning through practice quizzes taken alone, with peers, and with notes. They recorded their mastery of learning objectives, assignment completion, and quiz scores on a portfolio. The hope was that students would become more invested in their own education and subsequently more successful through the use of these formative assessments. The participants in this study were lower-achieving students, the majority of which received special education services, social/emotional services, or both. Many of these students were only mainstreamed for biology. Summative quiz scores, summative test scores, and quarter grades from this year's classes were compared with similar data from last year's classes to determine whether or not the intervention improved student achievement. Survey, interview, and teacher observation data were used to determine whether or not the intervention improved student engagement. Although the intervention positively impacted engagement, achievement did not improve significantly.




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