Apsaalooke Upsauloouk Bucha Unnaylayda - Crow Men's Health

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Whether they talk about it or not, health is a very important part of all Crow mens' lives. A modern lifestyle of fast-food and little exercise has put this health in jeopardy. In this video, Crow men talk about their feeling on health and the Crow Men's Health Ride. The 2008 ride to Sacrifice Cliff/Four Dances Vision Site acknowledged the importance of health and recognized the young Crow men who gave their lives to save the tribe from smallpox.


The Crow Men's Health Project began in 2007 as a partnership between Montana State University faculty and Crow men to work collaboratively to identify and address men’s health issues. Differing from other forms of research that typically involve a researcher bringing a project into a community, this program hinges on a technique called community-based participatory research (CBPR), a research method in which community members and researchers work together to identify health issues and needs and culturally-appropriate methods to address them. Currently, the project is conducting community meetings, designing data collection methods to better understand present and future health-related needs, and pursuing long-term funding to address a host of health interventions.


Public health, Native American studies, Cultural anthropology


Lachapelle, P.R. and J. Real Bird. Apsaalooke Upsauloouk Bucha Unnaylayda - Crow Men's Health (MSU Extension, Bozeman, MT), MPEG 4 Video, 10:22. http://crowmenshealth.org/


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