(no) NCUR Reflection EDSP 307


We are most certainly in an unprecedented space and time. COVID-19 has upended all that we knew as “normal” and has forced us into ‘distancing’ ourselves—which, if I may be honest, is so challenging for many, including myself Given our current climate and academic situation. The intent of an NCUR Reflection was to connect (and reflect) your EDSP experience(s) to undergraduate research shared at the conference. I’d like you to reflect on three things: (1) How has COVID-19 impacted you as a student? Share as much or as little as you’d like. This is your reflection and I want to be sensitive to everyone’s experiences; (2) As a future educator (or professional), I’d like you to think through what you’d do for your students/families/clients if the COVID-19 pandemic ‘hit’ post-graduation—what measures would you put in place to connect and support? And finally, (3) how can I support you for the rest of the semester? What things do I need to make sure to have in place to ease this time of uncertainty?


This is a course assignment collected as part of the MSU COVID-19 Special Collection in response to the pandemic of 2020.




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