Altering a person's environmental mindset utilizing an architectural/ecological system

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


The Camp Grayling Eco-Lodge investigates how an architectural/ecological system can be utilized to alter a person's mindset. A person's mindset towards our natural resources can be influenced if you introduce alterations to their lifestyle. As visitors observe more efficient and less costly methods, they are more likely to implement them into their own lives. The human race has taken for granted that we must pump oil and gas from the ground; that power plants pollute; that our cars pollute; and that our skied are clouded with smog. Is this simply the price we must pay for the convenience that our current technology offers? With changes in the way we design buildings, we can move towards buildings that generate more pollution-free power than they use.
The balanced marriage between high-technology to generate pollution-free electricity and low-technology to stabilize indoor temperatures is a way to bridge both worlds together while still focusing on detail and design. The Eco-Lodge Vision for Sustainability: Be responsible stewards of the environments and communities in which we live, work, and play. Strive to improve environmental performance in all of our operations. Be a leader in sustainability in our professional organizations and the broader tourism sector. Educate staff, guests, and suppliers about our sustainability goals and initiatives, and encourage personal action. Operate in a manner that is compliant with all government laws and regulations. Support research and education programs to improve our sustainability practices.




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