A 3D anatomy app as a learning tool

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Letters & Science


Complete Anatomy is a digital 3D anatomy platform that allows users to manipulate virtual human models. The purpose of this study was to determine whether the students perceived the app as useful, and how they made use of the app to help them understand anatomy and anatomical relationships. At the beginning of the semester surveys and questionnaires were conducted to determine students' initial perceptions of the app. Over the course of the semester, students were given a brief lesson on how to use the app, provided with resources within the app, and given quiz questions based on images created in the app. At the end of the semester surveys, questionnaires and interviews were again conducted to determine of students' perceptions of the app had changed, and to learn how students made use of the app. From the data gathered, students' perception of the app was positive to begin, and became slightly more positive over the course of the semester. Having a brief lesson on how to use the app, and exploring the tools available in the app made a significant difference in the students' comfort with the app. The flexibility of the app to be used when and where they wanted, and the ability to adapt the app to their current study practices were some of the app's greatest strengths according to the students. Complete Anatomy is a powerful, flexible 3D app that students perceive as useful, and in some cases even necessary. Having the ability to work at times and in ways they prefer makes it an app that benefits student learning.




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