A comparative study of personality trait profiles in three alcoholic groups

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Professional Schools


This study was an attempt to determine (l) if alcoholics have a common personality trait profile, (2) if there are identifyable differences in trait profiles of groups of alcoholics and (3) if differences can be applied to the treatment program at the Alcoholic Treatment Center, Galen, Montana. Groups were arranged in a bi-polar formation with a Receiving Hospital Group at Warm Springs State Hospital as one extreme and a group of Alcoholics Anonymous members at the other. Three mid-groups were formed from alcoholics at the Alcoholic Treatment Center with the time spent in treatment as the basis for group division. The author attempted to determine if treatment would result in group profiles becoming more similar to the Alcoholics Anonymous Group as treatment progressed. Five traits. Abasement, Impulsivity, Play, Endurance, and Succorance remained relatively constant throughout all groups while sixteen varied. The main conclusion was that all groups have common basic characteristics but each group had a degree of variation unique to itself. Surprisingly, the group nearest dismissal at the Alcoholic Treatment Center had a profile more like that of the Receiving Hospital Group thatn that of the Alcoholics Anonymous Group.




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