The Irish Experience of War

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My research project will consist of investigating the differences and similarities between the Irish and American experiences of war. Having been raised in a society that has been fighting a war in another country for almost my entire life, I want to explore the other side of invasion by investigating how the Irish fought against English imperialism. I also wish to research how this imperialism eventually led to the Irish Civil War, and compare it with the experiences of the American Civil War. I wish to see the places and artifacts of the battles, witness the effects the war had on the Irish people, and understand how it must feel to be oppressed, a feeling that cannot me communicated through the pages of a book. Therefore I will conduct preparatory research throughout the spring semester of 2012, and finish my project by actually traveling to Ireland in May upon conclusion of the spring semester. During weekly meetings with my mentor, Dr. Ann de Onis, we will discuss texts and I will complete assignments to complement my research. This ongoing focus will help prepare me for my trip to Ireland. As an Irish-American myself, there would be no greater educational experience than to visit the country where my ancestors fought for the basic freedoms I enjoy today. I hope that after completing my project, I will have gained a greater understanding of the deleterious effects war has on every individual involved; furthermore, I hope to be able to share this message with others and do my small part to be an ambassador for peace.


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