The effect of introduced literacy strategies on the use of academic content vocabulary in a high school biology classroom

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Letters & Science


The implementation of selected literacy strategies provides content-based resources for students in a high school biology class to better understand the scientific vocabulary. Throughout the course of this research students utilized two type of graphic organizers, science vocabulary awareness chart and double bubble compare and contrast, as well as one type of study model, SQ3R, with the goal of achieving a better understanding of the scientific vocabulary. In particular vocabulary involved with the concepts of DNA, Ecology, and Evolution. The concept of Mendelian genetics was used as the comparison concept for the data analysis. This research study showed an increase in student confidence in regards to their ability to read the text while utilizing the literacy strategies. Though there was no significant statistical improvement on their assessment scores, student participation increased as they gained confidence while using the literacy strategies. The students indicated that the study model, SQ3R, was their preferred literacy strategy as it allowed them to critically process the vocabulary and concepts they were reading.




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